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Cross Cloud Ops, Your Partner in the Cloud

Personalized IT Consultancy

Let us build optimized digital experiences to drive your company's rapid growth.

The Cloud is Our Expertise

Our tailored solutions to customer experience with cloud-based CRM exceed industry standards and drive rapid growth. Fast-forward to success with our robust marketing solutions and integrate multiple clouds. Seamlessly.

Our Story

As our name suggests, we are a dedicated team of Salesforce tech experts with a passion for helping our customers thrive in the cloud. Our passion and expertise combines to bring the best solutions to you. We are women-owned and are part of the Pledge 1% campaign. We are dedicated to improving the world while we empower your company through digital transformation.

Our Approach

Our agile approach identifies gaps and opportunities, including projecct progress metrics and milestones. We have a detailed end-to-end solution to help your project surpass your expectations on-time and on-budget. Our solutions are nimble, able to adjust to your needs while maintaining optimal performance.

Why Cross Cloud Ops

Cross Cloud Ops is a Salesforce Partner with 50+ developers and experts globally, garnering a perfect 5 star customer satisfactor rating. Our projects power 150+ million customers for our clients. We regularly beat competitor pricing and time-to-launch estimates. We have decades of experience and dozens of certifications.

A 5-Star Salesforce Partner

We are Salesforce Integration. Reimagined.

Cross Cloud Ops is your multi-cloud, multi-certified Salesforce Partner. Salesforce' Sales Cloud gives you all you need to connect with customers—from real time data feeds to intuitive deals tracker, all in one place and available anytime, from any device.

Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud integrations have helped increase customer interactions via multiple channels of our clients by nearly 33%. Our clients have a 360-degree, near real-time view of the customer persona. We've helped our clients decrease service desk cases by 30%. We enable our clients to make Decisions 35% faster, backed by near real-time data.

Sales Operation

We help you with the implementation, improvement, and adoption of the world’s #1 CRM application. Together, our consultants will build out your organization’s processes, including:

  • Lead & Opportunity Management
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Forecasting
  • Territory Management
  • Sales Collaboration
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Sales Data Enrichment / Data.com
  • Workflow & Approvals
  • Inside Sales Consol
  • Email Integration & Mobile CRM

With streamlined processes managed in one central place, your staff will spend less time on administration and more time closing deals. For company managers and leaders, Sales Cloud provides visibility and insight into team performance — making real-time forecasting, opportunity management, and coaching a breeze.

Cloud Services

Service Cloud is the premiere cloud-based solution for call center, CRM, and help desk management. As your partner and consultant, we will work with you to evaluate, implement, and enhance all aspects of Service Cloud, including:

  • Salesforce Live Agent for web chat
  • Email-to-Case
  • Web-to-Case
  • Salesforce Help Centers
  • Omni-Channel Routing
  • Field Service Lightning
  • Entitlements & SLAs
  • Service Cloud Knowledge
  • Social Customer Service Pro
  • Einstein Chat Bots

Salesforce Integration

Einstein Analytics

Directly from your Salesforce Platform, Einstein Analytics allows you to explore all of your data quickly and easily. Manage your datasets, query data and customize dashboards. Templates in this tool are upgrade and customizable to get the perfect design for your dashboard. Wizards are easy to build widgets that summarize your data. You’ll love these interactive widgets that answer your questions without leaving the dashboard. Layout Builder optimizes your dashboards for different devices


A deeply integrated tool with Salesforce, Tableau’s mission is to be simple yet powerful. As the world’s leading data analytics solution, Tableau is flexible and scalable – designed to grow as you grow. Blend Salesforce data from across your platform to gain the full story through the data.


A powerful Engine for your Data Visualization and AI Insights. A seamless Integration with any data across Salesforce eco System that will help you visualize the business processes and operations at a 30 thousand feet view to Granular drill downs.

Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • We tailor Salesforce Marketing Cloud to give you the most ROI on your Salesforce investment. We help boost your data analytics by up to 50% so you can make timely business decisions based on up-to-date data reporting. We help you see what your customers are really doing and leverage your valuable legacy systems and integrate them with the cloud. We modernize your systems with industry best practices and cutting-edge solutions, helping your maximize your sales and your customer journey.


Marketing Strategy Expertise

Our robust marketing solutions are configurable to allow for a highly-personalized customer jounrey that helps you delight customers and drive sales.

Pardot Implementation

Our B2B strategies excel across verticals, making your Pardot Implementation the most effective it can be.

Quality Leads

Accelerate quality leads to engage with Pardot. We help you generate highly-targeted email campaigns and personalize the customer’s experience.

Improve Marketing ROI

We give you a 360-view of your analytics so you can make data-driven marketing campaigns and decisions.

Build Relationships

Build meaningful relationships with your customers, putting the mundate tasks on auto-pilot to save you time and money.

Grow Faster with Smarter Engagement

Accelerate your sales cycle and track engagement using campaigns.

IT Operations / DevOps & QA / Managed services